Day of the Invaders was my first major short film shot on video (Super VHS), inspired by my love of the 50's 'B' Movie genre. It was shot over two and a half days and took a month to edit using two SVHS decks and a Tascam Portastudio to mix the audio. I made it to enter the prestigous BAVA (B ritish Amateur Video Awards) run by Camcorder User and finished editing it at 3am the morning of the deadline and had to drive it up to North London to hand it in on time! The awards were held at the BAFTA theatre in Picadilly London and hosted by Jeremy Beadle. As we sat watching the top ten films I had no idea that we had won and to receive the news was one of the best moments of my life! Day of the Invaders was the first real springboard that led to my career in films and opened doors that enabled me to become professional.

Charles :Andrew Fleming
Professor: Steve Coots
General: Philip Beasley
Helen: Hazel Ayres
Soldier / Robot: Ben

Camera: Philip Beasley
Sound: Philip Beasley
Gaffer: Ben
Script: Philip Beasley & Steve Coots
Music: Philip Beasley
Director / Editing: Philip Beasley

© 1993 Philip Beasley

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