My follow up to Day of the Invaders, inspired by an article I read in Movie Maker. Shot over two days on BetacamSP cameras, the film was my first edit on a n on-linear edit suite. It won Best Comedy and overall third at the BAVA (awarded by Jeremy Beadle) and won the ultimate prize in the IAC International Film Comptition - The Daily Mail Challenge Trophy, as well as best comedy at the Guernsey Lily International film festival.

John :Steve Coots
Maureen: Sarah Iliffe
Man in flat: Philip Beasley
Man in toilet: Dave Green

Camera & Sound: Philip Beasley
Gaffer: Ben
Script: Philip Beasley
Director / Editing: Philip Beasley

© 1996 Philip Beasley


Receiving the BAVA at the BAFTA theatre from Jeremy Beadle

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